Get to know your Carbs

Did you know there are two types of carbohydrates? Also, in general one is good and one is bad.

Simple Carbs can be looked at as bad carbs and should be avoided. Simple carbs are digested quickly and cause a spike in insulin levels. Spikes in insulin are bad because they put your body in fat storage mode. Simple carbs are things like candy, white bread, soda, chocolate cake and processed foods. These things flood your body with sugar but offer little to no nutritional value. They keep you unsatisfied and craving for more…in other words it’s a vicious cycle.

Complex Carbs should be the cornerstone of your diet. They are digested slowly, therefore the insulin that is released can be used by the body as energy. So the complex carbs are used as fuel and burned instead of stored. This also increases HGH (human growth hormone) production which is a fat burning hormone, we’ll get into that later. Complex carbs are things like whole grains, nuts, fruits, and broccoli or better said, unprocessed food or real whole food. These foods keep you satisfied longer and have high nutrition values.


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