Is this whole grain bread?

As much as possible we should be opting for whole grain bread over any other type of bread.  Whole Grain bread offers the most nutrition and is less processed but finding 100 percent whole grain bread at the store is impossible. Why? Because if it was it would be a bag of grains. Bread needs yeast, sugars, salt and others things to be bread. So what we want is bread that’s made with whole grains and no other type of flour. Or at least mostly made with whole grains. By law manufactures have to list ingredients in order by their ratio in the food ingredient lists. So you can tell something is mostly whole grains by seeing it first or at least second.  It as much about what it… as much as it’s about what it’s not.

Whole grain refers to the whole grain in the same ratios as nature made it. Grains are made up of three parts germ, bran and endosperm. So the idea is to get bread that’s made with whole grain and NOT white flour, enriched flour or bleached flour. You want the first ingredient to be whole wheat flour or whole grains, either of them can have 100 in front of them. Once you see that you can keep reading and make sure you don’t see any other type of flour in there. If there’s anything in front of the word whole except for 100 it’s probably not whole grain. So for example you may see an ingredient list of- whole wheat flour, water, whole rye, mix grains. I would say that’s good. Whole Wheat flour is flour made entirely from whole grains, basically whole grains ground up. To give you a visualization whole grain are things like oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice or wheat. Be hard to make bread out of ungrounded up oatmeal or brown rice.

One other thing to keep in mind…. You may technically find whole grain bread but as you start reading the ingredient list it may contain thing like high fructose corn syrup, bad fats or highly processed ingredients. So it may be whole grain bread but you still need to keep reading to really see what’s really in the bread. You could negate all the benefits of whole grain bread by having it surrounded by simple carbs and saturated fat. Read carefully and good luck !


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