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nutty energy bites;

Great Idea !


Lactic Acid burns fat! Use it…

Lactic acid is created by your body during intense workouts and burns fat by making your body release human growth hormone.  The more HGH you have the lower your insulin hormone is.  HGH is a fat burning, muscle-building hormone and insulin is a fat storage hormone.   Thus increased lactic acid equals increase in HGH which equals fat burning!  So do exercises that increase your lactic acid levels and you’ll keep your body in fat burning mode and out of fat storage.

Do 100 push-ups and 25 pull-ups

Only have a few minutes to get your workout in?  do 100 push-ups and 25 pull-ups !  I can hear ya now ” What” !   No really when I only have about 10 to 15 minutes to get a workout in, I do this and it gives a killer pump.  I cycle the push-ups and pull-ups, so I do 20 push-ups wait about 10-20 seconds and do 5 pull-ups and I do that 5 times.   The first couple are pretty easy and if you can’t do that many make it your goal.   Anything is better than nothing!   My goal is to increase that to 200 push-ups and 50 pull-ups. …what’s yours ?