BOCK BOCK breakfast FTW

Did you kill a workout last night?   Need to start your day off with a lot of protein?


  boc boc

 Then try my BOCK BOCK breakfast ……


 What you’ll need –

3 Eggs (I usually do three whites and two yolks)

1 Chicken Thigh or Chicken Breast

Salt & Pepper to taste

 I usually cook the chicken first because it takes the longer.  You can cook the chicken three ways

  1. Put it in a food processor,  grind it up a bit with some onion and cook it like sausage
  2. Cube the chicken and cook it up in a pan
  3. Just cook the whole piece

Once the chickens done transfer the chicken to a plate and cook your eggs your favorite way.  I prefer scrambled but I’ve also cooked them sunny side up and the chicken is super good with the yolk. 




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